Her Past Baggage Will Haunt You


In this video we are going to breakdown the 3rd reason that women today are like bubble gum.

Reason #3 : It sucks stepping in someone's old gum

How does this relate to women?

When you spend time with the ABC gum women, the women that have been riding that CC (Cock Carousel) and living that fast life, it is like stepping in OLD chewed up bubble gum.

What happens is these women carry around all sorts of STICKY garbage and baggage from their past relationships with men.

(and since there were SO MANY of them, it gets tangled)

And here is how this works as a DOUBLE WHAMMY against you.

On the one hand, if one of her exes used to spend all of his time playing video games and rarely gave her attention, then if you and her start hanging out and she sees you play some video games, it brings up her past baggage and she gets upset and says 

"You remind me of my ex and he always chose video games over me"

And now you are in the 'doghouse'.

The other way this will work against you is that maybe you decide to show her all of the attention she wants and desires...

You want to do the OPPOSITE of what that baggage her ex would bring up so you give her your full on attention.

Now she MISSES the ex who wasn't so stifling and needy.

That is the double whammy, any woman that has a high body count (slept with a lot of men) is going to be like stepping in a steaming hot pile of ABC gum.  



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