Bill Burr's Warning to Men...


This is the Bill Burr and Bret Kreischer podcast where in this part, Bill Burr is issuing a warning to men about what marriage is ACTUALLY like.

Here is how Bill Burr sums marriage up...

"You ever get in a fight at a football stadium or baseball stadium with a guy a row behind you?

And you are punching up and he is punching down...

Ya - in a marriage you are the guy in the row below"

-Bill Burr


And although Bill Burr is able to make a joke out of it and make us laugh - he is revealing a TRUTH about modern marriages


In a modern marriage the woman ALWAYS has the potential to take that 'upper row' advantage and beat up on her man if she chooses.

That is because of the archaic and outdated laws in place for Divorce and Family Court.

This world and our culture have completely changed over the years

(and it's time for the laws to change)


With that said - you can ignore Bill Burr's warning and ignore my warning about getting married, you can take the plunge yourself, and you can be a living experiment of the rat in the science lab.

And you can tell us all how it works out for ya.


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