How to get a girl to WANT to hangout with you

Today's video will put you back in touch with your masculine instincts.

Part of the way you do this through TEXTING is by learning to stay patient and read her signs and patterns about how she feels about you, before you blindly reveal your feelings to her.  This helps you stand out from other men.

You see... a lot of other men blindly reveal to a woman how much they like them, you on the other hand are making her work for your attention.  You are making her work to figure out whether you like her or not.   Remember... Humans are more interested and attracted to things we can't attain easily.  

Now watch the video for more:


So do women want you to tell them how you feel?

This was a crucial learning moment for me when I finally understood that... NO... women do NOT want you to tell her how you feel.

I know this can seem confusing.

I bet you have heard plenty of advice along the lines of "tell her how you feel" or "be open and honest with her". And I bet you heard this from a woman...

So when you hold back from revealing your feelings for a woman, her anticipation for your feelings begins to grow. This not only puts you in control, it also makes you stand out among all other men.



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