Alpha SEEDS vs Beta NEEDS


Today I am going to be talking about Alphas/Betas/Simps/Hypergamy using a film from 1982... the Last American Virgin.

In this breakdown you will see the TRUTH of how women approach dating...

Even though this was filmed in the 80's it reveals so much truth that we see FREQUENTLY in todays dating world.   

Alpha Seeds vs Beta Needs (a tale as old as time)

I don't want to ruin the video above for you, so I am going to lay out the this 'Alpha Seeds Beta Needs' game and see if you can follow it from the video.

The way this works in a very simplified version is that women want to experience the 'bad boys' and the 'jerks' or the emotionally unavailable men in their early years to 'get it out of their system'.

Then a woman expects that a 'beta' or what I call a Betamon man will be waiting patiently for his Queen when she is finally ready to 'settle down' after all of those years dealing with the bad boy Alphas.

There are 2 problems with this

The first one is that a younger woman is a better wife prospect.  She has less 'baggage', she is younger and healthier in order to raise children, and she is more beautiful than her older self will be.

Meaning that she is intentionally wasting her 'good years' for her own thrills and fun as opposed to preparing herself for marriage to a man.

The second one is that the more a woman dates around and sleeps around and experiences these 'Alpha Bad Boys' it actually RAISES her expectations of what she expects from future men.

So the MORE she dates, the OLDER she gets, she actually gets more and more picky with men.

Which means... if she does end up getting a Betamon to marry her, she then takes him for granted because she feels like she 'settled' to be with him.

This is what I call the 'Curse of Hypergamy' - which is the downfall of many relationships in todays world since online dating apps and social media have become so popular.

Of course there is more to all of this - and
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