Men... Stop Complimenting THOTS


This video is going to cover the all important topic of NOT giving THOTS your free attention and validation as a man.

First off, what is a 'THOT' 

Basically it stands for 'That Hoe Over There' or just think of any woman that uses her body/sexuality for attention and validation from men.

Now MEN - you should never be 'liking' or 'commenting' on any woman's post when she posts these promiscuous pictures.

First off, you as a man will never ever get ANYWHERE with a woman by being one of these thirsty, creepy, needy type men that wait around on her social media to like and comment on her pics.

If that is you, I am sorry to inform you that you are the absolute BOTTOM of the barrel as far as value as a human being on this earth.

You are the absolute lowest of the low if you are giving these THOTS your time, attention, and validation.

Not only does it ruin any chance for you yourself with that woman, but it completely INFLATES that same woman's ego to the point that she is going to treat whatever man she is with as 'lower' than her, because she will develop this crazy attention-seeking ego.

Anyways - if you have been watching my videos for awhile I know you are NOT going to be in this category, but for any man that is still stuck in 'simp' mode, you gotta STOP.



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