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Swipe Right: Dominate Dating Apps Full Course

The #1 program to help men effectively meet and attract beautiful women online in 2024.  Learn how to:

  • Learn all of the top types of pictures you should be displaying on your profile for maximum attention from women
  • Learn the 'secret weapon' of writing a great online dating profile.  This will teach you my best methods including putting a 'challenge' or 'test' in your profile bio
  • Learn the top dating app messaging strategies to keep your conversations engaging and exciting
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The 5 Principles of Texting Women ebook - (Advanced Texting)

The 5 Prince-iples of Texting will get you where you want to be by setting 5 simple rules for yourself when texting, that if followed, will attract the types of responses from women that you didn't believe possible before.

Principle 1 : Fire and Forget
Principle 2 : Mirror Texting
Principle 3 : Poker Player Texting
Principle 4 : Autopilot Texting
Principle 5 : Opportunity Texting

Learn the 5 Principles of Texting

Texting School : Full Advanced Level Texting Strategy Video Course 

Give me 6 days and I'll show you how to CREATE attraction with women with just your fingertips.  

  • Ever wondered WHAT to text a woman to get her more responsive and engaged in your conversations?
  • Ever wondered WHEN you should be texting and responding to a woman you are interested in?  
  • Ever wondered HOW to avoid getting flaked on or placed in the dreaded friend zone?  

Texting School answers all those questions and more.

Learn the Entire Strategy of Attracting Women Through Texting

First Date Mastery : No More Awkward Dates

The #1 program to help men make a great first impression on a date and leave women begging to see you again. 

Learn how to:

  • Learn to read a woman's body language and pickup ALL the signals she is sending you - her body will reveal how she truly feels about you
  • Eliminate those 'awkward silences' on dates.  You know... those ones that make you both feel like there is ZERO connection between you 
  • Master the 80/20 rule of conversations and learn how to keep a conversation interesting and engaging by getting HER to talk most of the date to keep your conversations engaging and exciting
Start Mastering Your First Dates

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