The TextingPrince Policy

We respect your privacy and our policy is unlike any other companies... it's straight-forward, honest, and easy to read.

We want to be 100% upfront with our customers. I personally hate it when a company tries to con me into paying them extra money.
Like when you sign up for a free trial and want to cancel but they MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE to cancel. For awhile, Apple used to do this with iTunes subscriptions. Super annoying.
We will never do this. And if you ever feel like you were charged incorrectly, just email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to take a look at it.
Or what about when you visit a website and you start getting a million emails from all sorts of different spam accounts. This is super annoying and can take weeks to sort out your inbox.
We will never spam your email. The only emails we send our Free Tips, Free Videos, Free Strategies, Free eBooks, Free Blog Posts, and a lot other Free stuff. We will occasionally let you know about a new product we have just launched or a membership that is now open for enrollment.
But If you ever get annoyed of our emails, it's super easy to unsubscribe. You can either just hit the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every email OR you can email us at [email protected]
We will make sure to get it sorted out.
Another thing we hate is when companies have an INSANELY long agreement policy in all caps and super small font. Do you know why they do all caps and super small font? Because it's the most likely to make you pass out from reading it. They DON'T WANT you to read it.
We are not like this. As you can see, this policy is honest, bold and easy to read (I hope). 
The thing with our policy is that if you don't like something or have any concern, we will most likely accept your concern. Because we don't want our customers to begrudgingly give us money... instead, we want our customers HAPPILY paying us money because of the great service and value they are getting. So happy that they can't believe what they are getting for such a low price.
We take your privacy very seriously.  We will NOT in any situation share your information with anyone. That includes your name, email, address, credit card information (duh), answers to opt-in questions, answers to surveys, etc..
The only thing that we will track of yours, is your cookies (on our site only). Cookies are essentially pieces of computer code that triggers when you go to a webpage or click on a link or watch a video. EVERY website does this, we are the rare ones that tell you. The only thing we use your cookies for is our own data from you visiting our OWN webpage. We do not track you on any other webpages. Don't worry, we don't know your porn search history ;)
With cookies, we can track how our sales pages or emails are doing at getting guys interested in our products. This way we can get better and better at giving you, the customer, what we want. 

We also use these cookies to retarget and show ads to those most interested in our products and have visited our page before.

If you want to check how google is using these cookies you can learn more here

OH and you must be 18 or older to subscribe to our email list.