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Prince-iple #5: Opportunity Texting


What does Opportunity Texting do for you?

In Prince-iple #4 Autopilot Texting, I told you to avoid sending "Fluff" and instead send texts that tap into a woman's emotions and feelings. But, I didn't go into detail on how to do this...

That's why I made Prince-iple #5: Opportunity Texting. Opportunity Texting is the exact opposite of "Fluff" texting, it teaches you how to TEXT WITH INTENTION. Prince-iples 1-4 help you avoid hurting your own chances, building her attraction, and reading her emotions and feelings. If followed correctly, this puts you in the perfect situation to get the girl. Prince-iple #5 helps you seize this opportunity. 



When to use Opportunity Texting?

In all new relationships. Save the "Fluff" texting for when you're married. New opportunities for you to build your image in her mind are frequent in new relationships. You should use Opportunity Texting to build your image when...


1. When you are ACTUALLY busy doing something. 

If you are at the gym, don't text at the gym... use the opportunity to show her you are serious about being healthy. 

If you are reading, don't text her between every page... use the opportunity to tell her you are reading and will text her later. Women LOVE men that read and learn. 

If you are doing ANYTHING that you are passionate about... tell her you are busy with your passion and will get back to her later. 

It's all about texting like an advertising agency (Turn to pg. 48 of The Prince-iples of Texting to see what I mean by 'advertising agency')


2. In replace of any "Fluff" texting

Anytime you feel the conversation is turning robotic ("Hey", "I'm good, you", "nice", "what's up", etc.), take this opportunity to do something productive or at least stop texting her. See example on pg. 49 of The Prince-iples of Texting.

Never be afraid to simply not text a woman back. Even if she gets upset, you have become more attractive in her eyes... I guarantee it. No text is 100% better than a "Fluff" text.


3. Whenever you know that hanging out is not possible

There are several situations where you will know that hanging out that day or week just isn't possible. If you are on vacation, if you are busy working, if you have to work early in the morning, if she is on vacation, if she is with family, etc..

Follow pg. 51 of The Prince-iples of Texting to take advantage of these opportunities to build a positive image of yourself in her eyes. Anytime I know that hanging out is not a possibility, I do the two things detailed on pg. 51... every time.



How to use Opportunity Texting:

Before you send any text, put yourself in her shoes and try to paint a picture of how you are coming off to women. What "image" has she gathered of you in her mind, based on what you have communicated to her through texting?

Women are feelers. There is a reason I tell you what you should know about women in the Intro of The Prince-iples of Texting... and the reason is the very same reason that all of this works. Women are in tune with feelings and emotions on a level much higher than most men. Women evaluate every aspect of how a man is texting her. Have you ever heard a group of girls trying to pick a part what a guy is thinking based off of a text he sent or even a certain type of punctuation he used? They do it all the time. As a man who now understands this, you have the opportunity to use it to your advantage.


1. Before sending any text, imagine you have switched places with the woman you are texting.

Picture receiving the text you were just thinking about sending her... picture being her and how you would feel if you received this text. What would this text make you think about the person who sent it? Complete the thought exercise on the top of pg. 49 of The Prince-iples of Texting before sending EVERY text. 


2. Now that you're in her shoes, write a text message that would make you favorable in her eyes.

Show her you have purpose in life, there are other people who are looking for your attention, you are happy, you are passionate. 


3. Use the best part of texting to your advantage

What if the best part of texting?  Time. Texting can level the playing field for men who are not naturally quick witted and charming because of Time. 

When texting, you get the convenience of taking as much time as you need to construct a message that BUILDS attraction with every texts you send. TAKE YOUR TIME. 

I cannot stress this enough. There is absolutely nothing gained from replying as soon as you can. Take your time, think about the words you want to send her, think about how this text is going to make her feel about you. Turn to pg. 50 of The Prince-iples of Texting for an example of how to use the opportunity time presents to you.


Let's look at an example


In which of the below two scenarios is the man seen more favorable in the woman's eyes: 

Scenario 1

Him: "What are you up to?"

Her: "Going over to my friend's house for a girl's night, you?"

Him: "Oh cool, that sounds fun. What are you doing after that?"

Her: "Probably just staying here and drinking wine"

Him "Haha fun! What are you doing tomorrow night?"

Scenario 2

Him "What are you up to?"

Her: "Going over to my friend's house for a girl's night, you?"

Him (Realizing hanging out is not a possibility he takes a couple hours to respond): "Nice, how is that going? My bad I got lost in a book"

Her: "No worries! oh that's so cool you read what book?"

(Reading is sexy)


In Scenario 1, the man has continued the conversation and continued to probe her for when she was free to hang out. Is it just me or did he kind sound of creepy? None of those texts from him have gotten him any closer to hanging out with her. This woman likely thinks that he is on his phone constantly and she is the most exciting thing in his life.  

In Scenario 2, the man has followed the strategies laid out in pgs. 51 and 52 of The Prince-iples of Texting. Do you see how a woman couldn't possibly be upset here? This woman likely thinks the man is serious and passionate about learning new things and having the imagination to immerse himself in a book. I can't tell you how many times a girl has told me that my reading habits are sexy.

The man in Scenario 2 has indeed gotten closer to hanging out with her because he has ever so slightly become more attractive in her eyes. 




Here's what you can do to start, right now:

  • Before sending any text, try to think of 3 different things that she might assume about you based on your text. 

  • Texting gives you the opportunity to take your time. Use this to your advantage.

  • Construct well thought out texts that make you favorable in her eyes. Portray yourself as a busy man with interests, passions, and purpose. 

  • Use this strategy in the place of "Fluff" texts that have no substance to them.

  • Use this strategy when you ACTUALLY are busy. Put your phone down and focus on the task at hand. Be disciplined in this. 

  • Use this strategy when you know that hanging out is not an immediate possibility. If you know that you cannot hang out with a woman, most men would enter into Autopilot Texting. Stand out among other men by using Opportunity Texting


See pgs. 48, 49, 50, 52 & 53 of The Prince-iples of Texting to see real life text conversation examples of Prince-iple #5 at work. 

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