Texting Conversation Film Study:

Prince-iple #3: Poker Player Texting


What does Poker Player Texting do for you?

Poker Player Texting puts you back in touch with your masculine instincts.

Part of the way you do this if by learning to stay patient and read her patterns before you blindly reveal your hand. This helps you stand out from other men.

While other men blindly reveal to a woman how much they like them, you are making her work for your attention. Again... Remember... Humans are more interested and attracted to things we can't attain easily.

Do women want you to tell them how you feel?

This was a crucial learning moment for me when I finally understood that... NO... women do NOT want you to tell her how you feel.

I know this can seem confusing.

I bet you have heard plenty of advice along the lines of "tell her how you feel" or "be open and honest with her". And I bet you heard this from a woman...

So when you hold back from revealing your feelings for a woman, her anticipation for your feelings begins to grow. This not only puts you in control, it also makes you stand out among all other men.



When to use Poker Player Texting?

Poker Player Texting should be used with all new relationships with ALL women. ESPECIALLY with women that are cold and short with you.

Why? There are a couple of reasons why this is.

First, most men would respond to a woman that is cold and short by showering her with compliments and long messages HOPING to get a response out of her. So when you are patient and don't reveal your feelings or shower her with compliments, you stand out and she becomes intrigued.

Second, women are like magnets and are attracted to the opposite personality explained on pg. 34 of The Prince-iples of Texting.

Poker Player Texting should be used while... TEXTING.

Watch carefully what her texts are telling you. Watch for the pattern discussed on pg. 36 of The Prince-iples of Texting. You need to hide your cards while texting. Do not text her how you feel, SHOW her how you feel. When you do this correctly, it conditions her to expect your warm feelings for her when you are hanging out. By not revealing your feelings when texting a woman, her anticipation grows for when those compliments and feelings are going to come: 

  • The more you wait the more intrigued she becomes.

  • When you hangout with her and SHOW HER that you like her by being a gentlemen, listening to her intently, etc., her need for compliments and feelings has been fulfilled.

  • When you continue to do this, over time it will condition her to expect this ONLY when hanging out with you and not by texting you. 


Many guys never make it to the 'hanging out' stage. They reveal their cards too soon. I would bet money that you've done this before, I know I used to (ask yourself the 3 questions on pg. 33 of The Prince-iples of Texting to know if you're revealing your cards too soon) , the whole excitement and anticipation is GONE for the woman, so she has no desire to want to see him in person.

When she feels that she has totally figured you out through texting, she no longer feels the need to try to figure you out in person. So... she doesn't.  She flakes on your dates or makes excuses about why she can't hangout.



How to use Poker Player Texting:

Stop yourself from telling her how much you like her, miss her, want to see her, or how beautiful you think she is.

This sounds like it's rude but it's not at all.  Women have ran into so many guys in the past that 'TALK' a big game and can't back it up.  So women see these early attempts at flattering her as annoying. She is ready for a man to SHOW her he is a great catch instead of TELLING her like most of the other men she meets.

Read pg. 37 of The Prince-iples of Texting to find out what happens when you do the opposite of most men.



Here's what you can do to start, right now:

The next woman you start texting, make sure to follow the summary steps on pg. 39 of The Prince-iples of Texting so that she reveals her feelings before you do. 

You let her bring up her feelings out of the blue. YES this will happen when you follow these 5 Principles consistently with the same woman.

See pgs. 35 & 36 of The Prince-iples of Texting for a walk through of Prince-iple #3 in real text conversation examples.

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