Texting Conversation Film Study:

Prince-iple #1: Fire and Forget


What does Fire and Forget do for you?

Prince-iple #1: Fire and Forget will set the standard for how a woman should text you. By detaching your emotions from your phone and sticking to a set of standards that YOU created, you train the women you are texting to text you HOW YOU WANT TO BE TEXTED.



When to use Fire and Forget?

All the time. I don't care if its the women of your dreams, your coworker, your roommate, your friend, or your ex. It even works on other men. It's not rude to show people how you wish to be treated. In fact, you have the right to do so.

If you've ever second guessed yourself or had the thoughts described on pg. 13 of The Prince-iples of Texting, then you'll want to set specific rules on when you will use Fire and Forget (see below).



How to use Fire and Forget:

Set your standards and follow them relentlessly. It's not easy sending a text to a women you're attracted to and then immediately putting it out of your mind. It takes practice and repetition. Here are 3 tricks I use to successfully Fire and Forget every single day:


1. Make up your own limits on when you will and won't respond to someone.

For example, see pg. 14 of The Prince-iples of Texting for what I do anytime a women texts me one word response. No matter what, I follow this rule.

Whatever your rule is, make sure it is 100% clear with no gray areas. You must stick to your rule at all times.


2. End your texting conversation whenever possible.

If you go to the gym, if you go on a run, if you are driving, if you are eating, if you are meeting up with friends or family, if you are watching a movie with your roommate, if you are hanging out with your kids... No matter what the activity is... your phone should not be the main focus of your life. It is a perfectly good excuse to end a conversation and focus on what you are doing.

Check out pg. 16 of The Prince-iples of Texting for examples of how to smoothly end the conversation. If you are worried that she might be upset that you aren't texting her... STOP.

If she is getting upset that you aren't texting her, this is a good thing. That means she is interested in you. While other guys text her all day long, you are choosing to focus on your own interests instead. This makes her intrigued. This makes he wonder why you aren't like the others.


3. Word your texts such that they do not require a response from her.

This might not be clear immediately, but with a little practice, you will master this in no time.

By wording your texts to not require a response from her, you are doing two things. First, you are eliminating the feeling of being rejected. If you write a text that requires her to answer a question for the conversation to continue and she doesn't respond, then you have just been rejected.

Second, you are making the conversation more interesting. Instead of going back and forth with the same basic questions "Hey, how are you?" or  "Good, how's your day going?", you have the opportunity to stand out from most men in the world. 

See pg. 19 of The Prince-iples of Texting for an example. Notice how in this example I gave her a fun challenge to respond to.



Here's what you can do to start, right now:

  • Write down how you want women to text you and start thinking of the standards you want to set when texting.

  • Come up with a limit or rule for what you will and will not respond to and follow it for 7 straight days.

  • For 7 straight days, stop worrying that you HAVE to text her back.  You will see that nothing BAD will ever happen from waiting, only good things.

  • Write down the activities in your life that will improve by not being interrupted by your phone anymore and for 7 straight days DO NOT use your phone during these activities


See pgs. 15, 18, & 20 of The Prince-iples of Texting for real text conversation examples of Prince-iple #1: Fire and Forget

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