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Free Online Dating Video Series

These 3 free videos are hand selected lessons from my Online Dating audio course: Swipe Right. The lessons were chosen to give you a boost to your current Online Dating experience... I hope you find them helpful :)


Video 1: Learn how women date online

Video 2: Learn which pictures to use on your profile

Video 3: Learn how to write the perfect bio

Online Dating Help For Men


... And how to make your online dating profile and bio to jump start your success on Tinder, Bumble, and other Apps.

Trending Tips on Online Dating:


Tip #1:

Let women participate in your message responses...

This tip tells you how to get a girls phone number after matching on an online dating app such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, PlentyOfFish, OKCupid, etc..

I want you to think about how you can include her in your responses whenever she messages you. Because if you do, you'll find that you'll never have a dull conversation again. She will message you back more than you thought possible. 

Let's say a girl asks me "What's your favorite Disney movie?"... Now, instead of simply responding with my favorite Disney movie (Tangled), I am going to include her in my response by saying "You have three guesses". 

This gives her a chance to participate in the conversation. This is an easy way to make sure you don't bore her with your messages. When she starts to guess, you can oblige by telling her if she is wrong or right but keep it short and sweet. 

Once she either guesses it or you end up telling her, this is a great opportunity to give her your number and say something smooth like "hey I hate checking this thing so text me if you want ###-###-####".

It's quick, its's easy, and it's different from the vast majority of men that usually message her. She will be happy to text you. 




Tip #2:

Why she didn't respond to your first message...

What to do if she doesn't respond to your first message while online dating?

Well, the first and most important thing to do is... put yourself in the mindset of a scientist. If something doesn't work, you should think "hmmm I wonder why this didn't quite work on her?"

So what I would do is I might look at her profile. I might look at her pictures and her bio and try to figure out why this type of girl would decide to not respond to my online dating opener. 

The more you do this the more you can start to understand what type of women responds or doesn't respond to certain types of first messages. You start to see patterns. 

So when a girl doesn't respond to my first message on Tinder, I don't beat myself up or pout about "oh no she doesn't like me" or "oh no I really wanted her to respond and she wont". Instead, I think like a scientist and I use this experience as a data point for future opening message. 

What will be my game plan next time?



Tip #3:

A girl on Tinder asks you "what are you up to this weekend?". You would love to see her. What do you say?

 Say she sends you a message like "What are you up to this weekend?". Sometimes, this can cause a stand still if you're wishing to see her that weekend. What do you say?

Here's a secret, she really doesn't actually care about what you are up to. But the one thing you should never do is say "nothing". 

Even if you want to see her that weekend and you think that by saying "nothing" she might say she wants to hang out... Don't do this. 

You never want to be the guy that is doing nothing. That's like the guy in the bar standing in the corner by himself. That's the "nothing" text guy. 

Don't be that guy. 


Step 1: Learn How Women Think Differently About Online Dating


The way you think about dating on Tinder or Bumble is COMPLETELY different to how the women you are trying to match with are thinking.

For one, women fear men that they don't know purely based off instinct. There are some real weirdos out there and I don't blame em.

Two, women notice EVERYTHING. When Online Dating, both men and women have to make judgements based off a one paragraph bio and 3 to 5 profile photos. It's natural for anyone to over analyze the details of an Online Dating profile, but this is especially true of women.

Once you understand these two concepts about women and Online Dating, you can start to sort out how you should be writing your profile bio, what pictures you should be using on your profile, and what you should be messaging women. 


Step 2: Learn Which Pictures To Use On Your Online Dating Profile


Pictures are a woman's first impression of you while Online Dating. There is no getting around this. That's why it is extremely important you understand the kinds of pictures that will drive women away IMMEDIATELY. 

The Profile Picture needs to be your absolute BEST PICTURE and have the most thought put into it. 

If you don't have a good profile picture, she wont even look at your other pictures... let alone read your Bio or swipe right.

There are specific guidelines you should be following when choosing your Online Dating photos to avoid being immediately swiped left:

  • Does she even know which person is you in the photo?
  • Is your photo well lit?
  • Can she even see your face?

These guidelines MUST be followed to even give yourself a chance... Attractive women have thousands and thousands of matches to sift through every single day. The least you can do is to give yourself a chance by following these guidelines. 

There are also specific guidelines to WOW a girl that's looking at your profile. These guidelines work and they can be easily learned and implemented:

  • Are you building her intrigue or making her want to know more about you?
  • Are you portraying someone who is kind and compassionate or do you look like a creep?
  • Do you stand out amongst all the other men she could match with?


Step 3: How To Write The Best Online Dating Bio


Your Online Dating Bio can be used to make it easy for a woman to either message you or keep a conversation going.

If you are not putting the effort in to write a good profile Bio, you aren't only missing out on an opportunity but you are crippling your odds on hitting it off with this woman. 

Your profile Bio sets the tone for your relationship with women Online and is usually what drives her first messages to you.

By doing this ONE thing in your profile, you will give women a reason to message you. There is no reason to wait until you message a girl to start getting her interested in you as a person. 

This fun and flirty concept, does just that. I would tell you but you'll have to watch the video for yourself. Don't worry, it's free. 



Learn all 3 steps in a FREE Online Dating video series. 

All we need is your email and you'll be sent the link to the videos plus the many more free videos and tips exclusively available Texting Prince email subscribers. 

Online Dating Profile Example


Guys, this is my go to because it has had so much success. The profile not only gets me more matches, but it has girls messaging me for hours. 

That means I literally don't even have to put in any effort and I already have her interested. Here are the 2 critical elements:



1. A well thought-out profile picture

This is her first impression and needs to be your BEST picture. This picture must show your face clearly, be clear about which person you are, and be well lit.

Online dating profile picture example:

2. A playful & intriguing bio

This is huge! Make it easy for a girl to message you by enticing her to do so. Girls are just as competitive, if not more so, than us guys. So what I do, is I challenge every girl who swipes right on me in my bio. 

Online dating bio example:

Did You Know?

The free videos are lessons from my complete course in Online Dating called Swipe Right.

 What else is in the Swipe Right course?


Module 1: All About Your Online Dating Pictures

Lesson 1: Introduction to Your Online Dating Pictures
Lesson 2: Why Your Pictures are So Important
Lesson 3: How Many Pictures Should You Use?
Lesson 4: Being The Star of a Group Photo
Lesson 5: Types of Pictures to Use
Lesson 6: Profile Pictures Ideas
Lesson 7: Profile Picture Recap/Group Picture Exception

Module 2: How To Use Your Profile Bio As A Secret Weapon

Lesson 8: Introduction to Writing a Great Bio
Lesson 9: Why Your Bio is So Important
Lesson 10: Job Description/Occupation
Lesson 11: Education and School to Include
Lesson 12: Making Your Profile UNIQUE to YOU
Lesson 13: Get Women to Connect or Tease
Lesson 14: Profile Challenge/Test Assignment
Lesson 15: The Power of a Challenge
Lesson 16: Other Things to Add

Module 3: How To Message/Connect With Women Online

Lesson 17: Introduction to Messaging Women Online
Lesson 18: You NEED to Standout From Others
Lesson 19: Putting Yourself in Her Shoes
Lesson 20: Being Generic Gets You Compared
Lesson 21: Long Winded Screams Low Confidence
Lesson 22: Sending the First Message
Lesson 23: First Message Lines You Can Use
Lesson 24: How to Use Her Pictures to Message Her and Relate
Lesson 25: Using Her Bio to Message Her
Lesson 26: Getting Out of a Rutt in Conversations
Lesson 27: Summary of Messaging Prince-iples


Free Online Dating Video Series

These 3 free videos are hand selected lessons from my Online Dating audio course: Swipe Right. The lessons were chosen to give you a boost to your current Online Dating experience... I hope you find them helpful :)


Video 1: Learn how women date online

Video 2: Learn which pictures to use on your profile

Video 3: Learn how to write the perfect bio