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Tip #1:

What to text a girl and keep her interested when she asks "what are you doing?"

What are you supposed to text back when a girl asks you "what are you up to this weekend?"

Do you respond with something that tells her you are busy? Or do you respond with something that tells her you are free and down to hang out?

When a girl asked me what I was up to, I used to always tell her that I was doing absolutely nothing so that she would know I was available and she would ask me to hang out. 

But this is bad. This ruins the long term status you should be constantly working to improve. This is what Prince-iple #1: Fire and Forget is all about. This is how to get a girl to like you.

Because when you tell a girl you are doing nothing, she starts to wonder why you don't have plans. Are you boring? Will no one else hang out with you? She starts having doubts about you. 

So if a girl asks you what you are doing, you always want to say you are busy. 

A girl wants to join an interesting life. She does not want to be the centerpoint of a boring life. 




Tip #2:

If she isn't texting you back, it can be caused by texting her too much

 Put yourself in the mind of a girl. When she thinks about you, she is going to ponder whether she can see herself with you in a long-term relationship.

She is going to look for certain qualities in you as a man that she hopes to see in the man that one day may be the father of her children and her husband for the rest of her life.

You may have all these traits she is looking for, but when you start texting her back right away you start to send the message that "hey, I am always available and I have nothing else important in my life to be doing except sit by my phone and wait for your texts".

This is NOT how to get a girlfriend.

Do you think she looks for that in the future father of her children? No. She wants to find a man who looks like he is  going somewhere in life. So remember to put yourself in her shoes before you decide what to text her. 




Tip #3:

Find that 'sweet spot of confidence' between nice guy and jerk

Most people would say there are only two options; you are either a jerk or you are a nice guy.

But that's not true. There is a beautiful middle ground or sweet spot where you aren't a push over but you're also not rude to her. 

In this sweet spot, you stand your ground and have boundaries but you are also playful and fun. You give her the best of both worlds.

For example, if a girl tells me "Adam, you suck at texting", I could just respond with "You're mean. I'm breaking up with you".

Here, I am basically telling her that if she's actually mean to me I am not afraid of walking away from her. You are not becoming the nice, push over, friend-zone guy but you're also not being a jerk.

You are right in the sweetspot.




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When she starts taking longer to respond...


You can sense it. Her texts get shorter, less flirty, and she starts taking longer to respond. Pretty soon she has completely stopped texting you back.

How do you avoid these situations?

I could give you a few tricks to make sure she responds, but is that really your main goal? Or is your goal to get her to like you? 

What do you text her to get her interested? What do you text her to keep her interested? How do you avoid boring her over text? How do you get her to respond more often and quicker? How do you get her on a date?

The answer is pretty simple. You have to think before you send every text and you have to make every text build your image in her eyes. Remember, girls want to join an interesting life, not be the center of a boring one. 

There is no need to change your current life or even exaggerate about your current life.
Instead, you just have develop these 5 habits: 

The Fix: 5 Prince-iples of Texting

How to text a girl and get her to like you through 5 simple principles. Always know what to text a girl and no longer have boring text conversations. [WARNING: These principles can help you get a girlfriend... perhaps many]


Prince-iple #1: Fire & Forget

Fire & Forget sets the standard for how women should text you. By detaching your emotions from your phone conversations and sticking to a set of standards that YOU created, you train the women you are texting to text you HOW YOU WANT TO BE TEXTED. 

Most dating coaches will teach you how to be a "jerk" to women in order to position yourself as a man she would be lucky to hang out with. I'll be honest, sometimes this works. But what about the smart girls? The ones that see right past these tricks and are too good for men who treat them like nothing.

Prince-iple #1: Fire & Forget helps you become more attractive and confident in her eyes without being a jerk. And the magical part is that it can all be done through text conversations.



Prince-iple #2: Mirror Texting

Do you ever struggle figuring out what to say? Are you ever nervous that you may be texting her too much or not enough? Do you ever feel like you may get too excited and scare her off?

Let's be honest, who hasn't. 

Lucky for us, there's a simple strategy that will get rid of all of those worries. It's called Mirror Texting. Mirror Texting is the easiest and most straightforward rule of texting. All you have to do is NOTICE how she is texting you and you come off as witty and mysterious without even trying. 

Then, you simply mimic her time, effort, and energy levels in your text conversations. By doing this, you are giving her exactly enough space and exactly enough attention based on WHAT SHE WANTS from you. This makes sure that you will never over-step your boundaries during the during the critical stages of an early relationship. 

I cannot underestimate how much less anxiety you will have while texting women when you follow Mirror Texting

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Learn how to get a girl to like you through text


Prince-iple #3: Poker Player Texting

Poker Player Texting puts you back in touch with your masculine instincts. 

Image you are playing a game of poker with a girl you're attracted to and you have a really good hand, like a Full House. Now, you wouldn't want her to know you have a good hand because then she knows she probably wont win and this will make her bet less money. But, if she doesn't know you have a good hand then she might think she can win and so she will bet more of her money. 

Now, imagine instead of your hand of cards, these are your feelings and you aren't playing poker with this girl, you have just started a texting relationship with her. 


Don't show your hand (your feelings). To do this, you'll need to learn to stay patient and read her patterns before you blindly reveal your hand. This helps you stand out from other men and puts you in control.

Attractive women are used to being in control. If dating were a poker game, 99% of the guys in this world would be just showing her their cards... But not you.

Not only will Poker Player Texting make you a more confident man, but it will also save you time and money. How? By keeping your cards hidden, her interest in you starts to peak. This means less failed dates, women buying you things, women doing things for you, and women running on your schedule. 



Prince-iple #4: AutoPilot Texting

This strategy can be related to anything in your life that you have done SO MANY TIMES it becomes automatic to you, as if you're a robot performing your functions. 

Have you ever drove home from work and not even remembered any of the ride you just took? That happens because you have driven the same route so many times that your brain puts you in AutoPilot mode.

That AUTOPILOT mode is something a lot of men do while texting women.

This is something that you NEVER want to do while texting a new woman that you are attracted to. Some examples of an AutoPilot text are "Hey", "What's Up?", or "How was your day?" . All these examples are texts she has SEEN A MILLION TIMES from other guys. 

And when she responds to your AutoPilot message, now she is on AutoPilot. That means she is not thinking about you. She is zoning out and your texts are having no impact on her. 



Prince-iple #5: Opportunity Texting

Prince-iple #4 shows you the type of texts you should NOT send, but what kind of texts SHOULD you send?

Prince-iples #5: Opportunity Texting teaches you how to send texts with intention and PURPOSE. These texts are the exact opposite of an AutoPilot text. 

In all new relationships, new opportunities for you to build your image in her mind are frequent. Prince-iple #5 helps you take advantage of these opportunities by teaching you to put yourself in her shoes before sending any text. 

Women are feelers. That means they are in tune with emotions around them, even through text. They evaluate all aspects of how men text them. Have you ever heard a group of girls talking about a text a guy just sent? I have. 

Women can sense when you are too ice so they can keep you around in the friend zone. They can sense when you are shy or anxious. They can sense when you aren't confident in yourself. They can even sense the time and money you might spend on her. 

When you know this, you will want to make sure every text you send has purpose.


For a breakdown of these principles with examples from my real text conversations, check out the full eBook The Prince-iples of Texting here


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  • Having boring conversations
  • Being put in the "Friend Zone"
  • Feeling anxious, shy, and insecure around women
  • Not having the time or money to date



Finding TextingPrince My Customers:

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