Yet ANOTHER Reason Many Women Today Will End Up Single and Alone


We are back at FDS on reddit (Female Dating Strategies) to go over a post titled... "If he walks in front of you in public, DUMP HIM".

Yes... this will be entertaining to breakdown from a male perspective. 

She has no clue what she actually wants

Here is part of the craziness of it all and why you cannot take advice about how to get women FROM women... they just don't typically understand this about themselves.

This entire post is giving us the narrative that if a man walks in front of you, you need to DUMP him because it is showing you that he doesn't care about you and he doesn't see you as an equal.

Okay... blah blah blah

I know we live in Crazy Town these days where Up is Down and Down is Up - 

So I understand WHY she is brainwashed into thinking this way...

But here is the big problem.


By the simplest definition, a man that leads would be walking in front of a woman.  

Which just goes to continually prove my point that you should not taking dating advice from women because they tell you what they THINK they are supposed to want...

However in reality it is never what they are actually attracted to.

And until women understand this, they will continually tell the 'good guys' to keep doing the same things (which ends up getting them friend zoned with the women they like)

Which leaves just the 'bad boys' left out there that women will continually be attracted to even though it isn't in their best interest longterm.


But since we know women will not wake up to this fact alone, this is why I teach men the ins-and-outs of how to attract women.

Because if you keep listening to women... you won't get anywhere.

And if you keep listening to Betamon men... you also won't get anyhwere.

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