"Women Will NEVER Cheat on a Man - TRUST ME!"


We are breaking down this video titled 'Everything WRONG With the RedPill' where our host Joshy boy is going to convince men to get back on the plantation and to ignore the redpill.

In this video specifically he is going to give you his word (if you trust him) that you can find unconditional love with a woman and she will NOT cheat on you. 

Will all women cheat on you?


I don't believe that in the slightest.

But... Joshy boy (from the video above) is trying to tell men that women will NEVER cheat on you if you are vulnerable and open up to her.

Which is just a whole bunch of absolute NONSENSE.

The more emotionally 'vulnerable' and the more a man starts to 'open up' about his feelings, the MORE likely she will be to cheat (during certain phases of her ovulation cycle, but that is for another day).

And even better is the fact that Joshy here admits that his last 3 serious girlfriends all cheated on him.

But yet... he has found the magical solution for 'unconditional' love with a woman?

That is why you always gotta be careful who you take advice from

(including advice from me)

Some men and women out there will give you advice that they will sell as 'happiness' but it may lead you down a dark road right back to becoming a slave on the Punani Plantation.

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