Women's Dating Standards are INSANE


We all know that in todays world, women are showered with affection and attention from the Betamon and SIMPs of this world. The question is... does this make most women's standards today just unrealistically and insanely high? Let's find out in this breakdown.

Are modern women creating unrealistically high standards?

These little 20 vs 1 videos are interesting and revealing.  The way this one goes she starts out with 20 men that are interested in 'dating' her.

She then gets to weed out men with her standards or expectations that she wants or expects.

Okay... it sounds fair so far.

Each time she gives out a standard, the men that don't meet the standard have to go home.

Here is a list of the 'standards' that she set for the men

Standard 1 - You must love to dance
This is fair - I can understand a woman that likes to dance wants to go out dancing with her man.  Totally fine.

Standard 2 - You must be okay with choking me in the bedroom
Alright, here is a perfectly representation of where modern women are at today.  Her SECOND standard is that a man needs to be willing to choke her in the bedroom.

We know how the mainstream media and feminists like to blame men for toxic masculinity and being too 'aggressive' and 'violent' - yet this is her SECOND standard for random men.

Standard 3 - If you aren't 5 foot 10 inches or TALLER, you must leave
I understand that women prefer taller men, it is just funny to see how many men did NOT meet that requirement because most women have no idea what the AVERAGE height is for men, they just want the tallest (even if it is unreasonable or rare to find)

Standard 4 - Leave if you want to have kids within the next 7 years
Now any of the actual guys looking for a longterm commitment and potential family are rejected... this lady is 26 years old now meaning she doesn't even want to CONSIDER having children until she is a ripe old age of 33 with about 4 total eggs left to fertilize.

Standard 5 - Leave if you are even a month younger than me
She is 26 years old and the only remaining men left were younger, so she ended up with ZERO men left with her 5 'standards'.


This shows you what a mess most women's modern dating standards are.  

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