Women Reveal Their 'Dark Confessions'


Gotta love the internet and all the truth that is exposed because of it. In this video we are going to break down why HYPERGAMY is NOT romantic... and to drive that point home... we get to hear some deep dark confessions from women themselves.

Hypergamy is NOT Romantic

What this means is that you can't convince a woman to want you or to fall in love with you.  You can't 'win her over' by buying her things and always being there for her.

Hypergamy wants what it wants.

And as soon as she believes that YOU like her more than she likes you.

Or you love her more than she loves you.

Or that you need her more than she needs you.


The minute she realizes this - her INTERNAL hypergamy will spark up inside of her.

Remember - Hypergamy is simply the fact that a woman wants the highest status man that she can attain to protect and provide for herself and her children.


Once she realizes that she can fully 'attain' you - then the FOMO kicks in.

Her internal 'fear of missing out' sparks up inside of her because once she knows she has you, HYPERGAMY MOVES ON.

Again - it isn't romantic, it is simply a survival mechanism that has been completely UNLEASHED out of control in todays society and culture.


And on this note...

Once a woman has detached her emotions from you 

(aka she gets bored because you want her more than she wants you)

Then the UGLY TRUTH comes out which is part of these confessions from women themselves in the video above.


That is the brutal part, when her emotions are GONE she can be completely cold and ruthless to you.

Ya I know that sucks in the situation - but take a step back and look at it from a scientist perspective.


Once she 'checks out' her internal biology has decided that she believes she can do better so she HAS TO check out in order to move on.

You don't have to like it or be happy about it...

But you do gotta understand it so that you are aware and prepared for if this ever happens to you (or a buddy if you have checked out of the dating game)


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