Women Reveal the Truth about Their 'Hookup Roster'


Alright in this video we have the original Call Her Daddy girls (Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklin) talking with this girl Kayce about 'hookup rosters' and when is your roster too full and how should you play the game... Be prepared men.

Women today are always 'single' in a sense...

With the internet, social media, and a woman's most basic biological survival mechanisms (hypergamy) - todays women are always 'single' in a way.

That isn't to say that every woman will cheat on every man in every relationship.

It is just to understand that she will always have 'backup options' of some sort in her life.

These are what we call her 'orbiters' and these are guys that she may consider 'just friends' or just 'work buddies' but if you want the REAL honest truth, deep down they are backup options.

And if you are reading this and don't like to hear that news, it's completely fine.  That is why I made the video above so you can hear this same exact concept coming from 3 different women.

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