Women Love Alphas : Pyro 'Chad'


This is Video 7 of the Thots Love Alphas series where we are going to dive in on the 'Pyro Chad'.

This is the guy that she has dated in her past who I refer to as 'FireMan Chad', 'Philosopher Chad', or 'Mystery Chad'.


Fireman Chad - Pyro works with and controls fire.  In that same way, a 'fireman chad' is a woman's ex that was a fire fighter.  He reacts different than 99% of other men.  When there is a fire - 99% of men run AWAY... he is one of the men that runs TOWARDS the danger.  Sure you may have a job that does a decent job of providing for a woman, but her ex, Fireman Chad, may come home on any random day and was a hero for saving multiple people or animals.


Philosopher Chad - Pyro is able to mentally control flames through intense mental focus.  In that same way, 'Philosopher Chad' is the type of man that can make her hot by lighting a flame in her pants with his mental strength.  He is the guy that gave her a totally new perspective on something - he questions social norms and thinks about things in a completely different way from most men.  


Mystery Chad -  Pyro is known to be very guarded about his early personal life.  And in this same way, this can become a 'trigger' for Thots that have dated a Pyro Chad in the past.  If you DON'T share any of your personal life with her and are very guarded about your feelings, she will be 'triggered' back to her ex Mystery Chad who broke her heart.  And on the flip side, if you DO reveal your feelings and tell her everything about your past, she will be triggered and miss her ex 'Mystery Chad' because he always kept her guessing about how he was feeling.


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