Women Love Alphas : Professor X 'Chad'


The last video in the Thots Love Alpha X-Men series comes down to Professor X 'Chad'.

This is the guy she has dated in her past that I refer to as Psychologist Chad, Social Media Chad, or Hippie Chad.

Psychologist Chad - 
Professor X is able to read others minds and control others through mind manipulation.  The 'Psychologist Chad' is the guy that knows and studies human behavior, he knows exactly how to praise and scold a woman to get exactly the type of behavior he wants from her and others around him.  This is the guy that woman can NOT manipulate and it keeps her constantly engaged and on her toes.


Social Media Chad - Professor X knows what to say to people to get the best out of them.  Likewise, the Social Media Chad (aka TextingPrince Chad) is able to direct message a woman the perfect thing at the perfect time to give her that perfect piece of validation that will get that woman thinking about him.   He always knows the right thing to say at the exact right timing.


Hippie Chad - Because of Professor X ability to control his astral self, he is able to reach a 'spiritual' plane that most normal people cannot tap into.  Likewise, when a woman meets a Hippie Chad he is the guy that makes a woman think completely differently in the spiritual world.  He can take her to a 'new place' spiritually that will always stick with her.  

This becomes the 'trigger' because if you DO try to teach her new things spiritually, it will trigger Hippie Chad memories.  And if you DON'T try to teach her new things spiritually, she will miss all the exciting new ways that Hippie Chad made her think.


So in conlcusion with this series, be very aware and careful when dealing with THOTS or a lot of these 'fast women' that have dated around and slept around with a lot of different men.

Of course you can have your fun (use protection) 

BUT - remember that if you try to commit to her in a serious fashion, you will have to battle all of these 'Alpha X-Men' from her past.

Good luck with that.


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