Women Learned THIS Lesson in 2020...


Alright so the year 2020 was absolutely crazy - and I did a stream about 5 lessons women learned from the year 2020.

In this video we are breaking down lesson number 1 - todays women need to empower both the OLDER women and the YOUNGER women to be more empowered in the year 2021.

Lesson 1 Women Learned from the Year 2020

So... during the great Scamdemic of 2020... with people worldwide needing to quarantine at home... with a 'scare' to make people rethink their path in life - I figured there would be two potential options for how this went for women as a collective.

Option A - The women that have been out there dating around constantly on what we men call the 'cock carousel' would start to reconsider their choices and maybe go to their mom or grandma or some married women and ask for some advice on how she could become wife material.

Option B - The women that have been out there dating around constantly on the CC would rub their new and 'empowered' mindsets off on their own mom and grandma and nieces/cousins in her life and would start encouraging them to become 'empowered' themselves


And since I as a man am an optimist I really was rooting for Option A to prevail for all of my brothers out there that want that shot of a traditional family without needing to try to turn a total THOTTY HOE into a housewife.


But... just watch the video above and you'll see how it turned out...

Good luck out there guys muahahahaha


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