Women don't care about your struggle, they wait at the finish line


This is lesson 5 of the 5 lessons women learned in the year 2020.

In today's video we are going to talk about how women still learned the lesson that there would always be some Betamon guy to come save the day and forgive whatever past she has.

Lesson 5 - There Will ALWAYS Be a Little BetaMon Male to Save You

To anyone new to 'the redpill' - one of the most classic games that women have played since the beginning of time and the Alpha Seed/Beta Need dynamic.

The idea is that a woman will want to have all the fun she can will the Alpha or the 'bad boy' and potentially even have a child with him (Alpha Seed) while then hoping to secure a BetaMon (beta male) to provide financially, emotionally, and will stick around to help her raise her children.

How does this relate to the year 2020 (and 2021)?

Women today are testing this whole theory out at a whole new level.  Thanks to female empowerment and sexual revolution for women, a lot of women today are encourage to SLEEP AROUND while they are young.

And in todays world with online dating apps and social media it allows for these women to experience the 'cock carousel' as we call it... where she has alllll sorts of fun with the bad boys and the 'alphas' and expects to find a Beta to settle with later in life.

This is just the way it is in todays world so as a man, I recommend you think very carefully about this and if a woman has chosen the life of that Cock Carousel then I STRONGLY recommend you don't commit to a long term relationship with her.

You definitely can if you wish, but be veryyyy careful and to stay safe but still enjoy her company you can always Catch and Release...

Which just means you can enjoy spending time with her but as soon as she starts acting crazayyyyy you calmly let her back into the water to swim with the other fishes.


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