Woman Rejects Nerd... (A breakdown)


We are breaking down the second part of Fear Pong between two strangers - and in this one we see the woman reject the guy Kenny because some of his awkward tendencies.

This is part of what I call 'the social gap'

The problem with todays dating world is that it is all out of balance and out of whack.

The simple truth is that women control who they sleep with and who they go on dates with.

Men control who they commit to or marry.

So in todays day and age the average woman can go on multiple dates a week

The average man struggles to be able to go out on even 1 date a month.

This creates a big time 'social gap'

Since the average woman can go on far more dates than the average man, the average woman is USUALLY more socially calibrated and has more aware social skills than the average man.

Of course there is more to this whole dynamic but in todays video this explains WHY there is such a social divide between the guy and girl here.

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