Why Won't She Sleep With Me??


Why won't this woman sleep with me?  This is a big issue for many men (especially in marriages).  

The way I see this is I separate this into two different categories - the women OVER 30 years old and the women UNDER 30 years old.


Women Under 30 Years Old - 

In todays society and culture, women under 30 years old are more often than not just looking for 'fun' and not looking to settle down.

Because of this, you can typically sleep with a younger women easier because she has less reservations about casual sex.

She also is less experienced with men so theoretically men can get away with not being as 'on' or having a ton of great 'game'.

Women OVER 30 Years Old - 

The women that are over 30 are a different story.  At that age she is starting to hit her 'wall' meaning she is losing her youth and beauty and can no longer compete sexually with the younger women in the dating world.

This is the time then when women start to look for more of a 'provider' guy that we would call a Betamon.  She wants the 'nice guy' to be able to settle down with now that she has 'had her fun'.

So older women naturally have that guard up AND they also understand the older they get how much power they can have over men by withholding sex and using sex as a reward.


The Solution is Alignment


The solution for older women (which works just as well with younger women) is that you HAVE to be aligned in your mindset and your behavior when you interact with her.

Once you can give off the 'busy' image by taking your time to reply, not being easily and readily available, and communicating with her LESS than she wants, you are on your way to set the BUSY image.

Remember though - you have to ALIGN with that, so you can't all of the sudden text her back super quickly or talk about how bored you are because that will destroy this 'busy' image you have created.


Being Busy is Key


Once she sees you as busy, this does two things.  The first is that meeting up becomes a lot easier because she now respects your time and won't flake last minute if she thinks you are a busy guy... because she knows she might not get another chance to meet up.

And secondly, ON the date, if things are going well and she knows you are busy, she will be a LOT more likely to want to continue the night and go back to your place or hers because she doesn't want this time with you to end.

(as opposed to the super needy available guy that she knows she can get rid of and then call him up at anytime and he will drop everything for her)


Finally - SHOW Restraint When it Gets Physical

Okay now that you have set this busy image in her mind, once it gets to kissing you have to remember that all women (especially older women) learn that sex is something she 'rewards' men with because most men will do anything for sex.

This is crucial.

The moment she thinks that YOU need sex more than her, she will start to play defense and start to 'drip-feed' you sex just to reward you and keep you in line.

However, if you can kiss her and YOU are the one that pulls away to show restraint, she starts to think "Oh, I don't need to pump the brakes because this guy is in control".

So the trick is, you kiss her and pull away, then she wants it again and this time you kiss her a tiny bit longer, then YOU pull away.

Make her start to work to go further.  Make her say "Kiss me!"

Make her go on the offensive and she will.  She will make it her mission to sleep with you.  Your job is to hold your composure, progress a little bit further each time, and make sure that YOU are also the one pulling away.


Alright i'm bored now typing - just watch the video above for more details.

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