Two Reasons Women Love the 'Players'


This video is going to breakdown why women love the 'players' or the 'bad boys' and WHY that is.

We are going to dive into some mindset and psychology to figure this one out.

The first way to think about why women chase after the 'players' and the 'bad boys' is pretty simple - supply and demand.

If you are one man there is only 1 of you to go around.  Now if MANY women want you or want to be with you, that doesn't change the fact there is only 1 of you.

But it DOES change your value because the more women that want you, the more valuable you SEEM to other women, therefor these women know they NEED to pursue you and be on their best behavior around you or else you could simply spend your time with someone else.

The second way to understand why women like the 'players' or the 'bad boys' is that they have to work for those guys.  

And because women have to WORK for these guys and for the attention of these guys, they APPRECIATE these men more.

Think about it - if you are given something freely, you don't appreciate it as much.

The players and bad boys of the world make women work - so it actually creates MORE value for these men because now the women WANT their attention since they are working so dang hard to get it.



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