Why Women Love Curiosity

What is it about curiosity that draws women to men?  

Well first off... this works both ways.  Kids are curious, women are curious, and men are curious.  It is human nature to want to explore something that peaks your interest.  

The problem is that men don't always know how to create this curiosity, OR why it works.







Using the example in my text above, try practicing this simple yet effective approach in texting.  

Less is more.  

You can see by my very short text of, "I've got a genius idea", that it struck that innate curiosity inside of her.

Your simple Prince Training homework

With every text you send today, whether it be to a potential romantic partner or just a friend, type out your normal message you would send.

Now take it and CUT OUT every word that was not essential to your message.

Example: "Hey I have a really great idea for a date that we can go on really soon."

My edited version: "I've got a genius idea."

Women are very intelligent, let her piece together the clues instead of over explaining yourself to her.

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