Why Successful Men Are Attractive to Women

Any man who has a very clear and distinct mission or goal in life is very attractive to women.

When you set and reach goals, and feel like a 'successful' man, she will pick up on that inner confidence you feel.

There are many reasons for this, but the more important thing is HOW you can start to use this to your advantage in your own life.

I will share a personal example from my own life to help you understand as a man what it means to have a 'mission' or 'purpose' in life.

I used to teach public education as a 2nd grade teacher.  

Yes - as you can guess - that job won me some big points with the ladies because remember... women want a compassionate man.  

What better way to show compassion than to work daily with cute little 7 and 8 year olds?

But there is no way in heck I would pick a career just because it would 'look good to women'.  I had a far bigger goal in mind that helped show my passion in life...

My mission: To make school and learning FUN for kids.  

As a kid growing up with ADHD, public schools really sucked the life out of learning for me. It was hard to sit still and be told what to do all day long when I actually wanted to daydream about WAY more exciting things than some boring geography lesson.

It was at a really young age that I had decided I wanted to change public education for kids.  I wanted school to be more than about some lame test score.  I wanted to build a COMMUNITY where kids could come and enjoy a safe place that they could feel welcome and accepted in.

What it means to follow your own path

For 5 years of my life I poured my waking hours, heart, and soul into accomplishing my mission.  There will still never be anything in my life that I find as much enjoyment or fulfillment out of than my days in the classroom.  

However - I promised myself something when I first got into public education.  

I promised myself that I would never let some crazy school-district policy about test scores become more important than the kids enjoying school.

Sometimes you have to do the hard thing

It became more clear to me that public education is not going in the right direction (at least in my home state).  

As teachers we were getting more and more pressure to 'teach to the test'.  

We were being told we have to teach certain subjects for certain amounts of the day.  

We were given assignments and worksheets that bored the kids to death.  

We were basically being treated like robots, trying to force feed kids to memorize facts and focus more on getting the right test score than worrying about how these kids were FEELING.

I am a rebel.  

I spoke up against this craziness.  

I fought it for the last 2 years until I was told that I would no longer be able to teach all the 'life skills' that I was known for teaching.  

So long story short I said F*CK IT -

I 'retired' from the career that I had spent my entire life preparing for.  

It killed me.  

It still kills me thinking back on it, but I had to stick to my guns and do what I knew would make ME happy.

Some of you may be wondering what it is that your mission in life could be.  Some of you may already have one.  

Here is the important thing though... become clear on your bigger purpose in life and be unwilling to settle for less.

My new mission in life

Now I will admit I felt a little 'lost' when I decided to leave public education.  

Although I knew how to teach others, I struggled to find what it was that lit me up and made me as passionate as my days in the classroom.  

But the more I started helping other guys start to take control of their dating and social life, the more excited I became.

So here I am... my new goal is to help 100,000 men become more confident and happy in their dating and social lives ;).

What is your mission or purpose in life?  

When you figure that out, own it, and don't be afraid to let others know what it is. 



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