Why do women flake on your dates? (text breakdown)


Do women ever flake out and bail on a date or a meet up that you had set with her?

Today's video is a little text conversation analysis from my man Greg who came to me with a problem he had with a woman that didn't show up on the date that he set.

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One of the first things that jumped out to me about this conversation was that Greg was texting the woman first.

This isn't always a cause for a woman to flake...


Whenever you are messaging women it is always best if she is the one reaching out to you.  

And although that sounds or seems obvious, most men CAVE first by being more eager to text the woman -

So they don't give her nearly enough time or space to miss the guy - which then would CAUSE her to want to reach out to you first.

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The next tip I wanna point out to you guys is I highly recommend that you DON'T send women any 'selfies' or pictures that you take of yourself.  

I cover this a lot in other videos or blog posts - but in general especially early on in conversations you want the woman to be working to impress you and working to invest more effort into your texting conversation.

If YOU are the one taking pictures to send her, who is doing the investing?

Ya ya ya - I know that most guys say "Well she asked me for a pic"

... I'm here to tell you that I meet women on online dating apps all of the time and I never have to send any 'selfie' to her.

SHE is the one that is sending selfies to me.

It's a different dynamic because you want to be the 'tester' and you want the women that are chasing after you to try to 'pass your tests'.


IT's opposite of most of the advice you will hear - which is why all of these little things MATTER in order for her to chase you.  So... do not send selfies if you want top-level attraction from women.

And although there is plenty more in the video above, the last quick tip i'll give ya here is to PUMP THE BRAKES when trying to ask a woman out.

No no no - i'm not trying to give you an excuse to never meet up with women.

But - you want to come from a place knowing that you are pretty dang cool dude and any woman would enjoy your company

And with that foundational mindset, when you get to the point of wanting to hangout with a woman, if you play it right and are patient, the woman will give you PLENTY of signs that you can then use to effortlessly set up a date.

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Remember - YOU ARE THE PRIZE - she should be putting in the time and effort to pursue you, not the other way around.

I'm looking forward to seeing you inside Texting School or PrinceFlix VIP where I can really rock your world by giving you tools to thrive in every texting situation you find yourself in


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince

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