What is a Man? Response to Gillette Toxic Masculinity


Alright by now it has been a few years so you have almost for sure seen the WORST ad ever for men... the Gillette Toxic Masculinity ad.

That was one of the big starts to the whole 'Get Woke Go Broke' that we have seen so many dumb companies continue to do in recent years.

This post is a shoutout to Egard Watch Company...

I have absolutely zero affiliation with them but I will promote them for this great commercial they made having Men's backs.

The main story to take away from this?

Don't listen to the bullsh*t propaganda trying to tear men down and trying to rid the world of masculinity.

Masculinity is a good thing.  

The world is full of crazy people right now and the only way to get it under control is by the leadership of masculine men.


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