Women Control BETA Men


What the heck is a 'BetaMon' guy?

This is one of the men in a woman's life that we call a 'beta orbiter'.

This means she will keep him in her life (her orbit) and she will use him specifically for certain needs but she will never give him any intimacy or sexual connection.

Types of BetaMon

The Emotional Tampon - This is the guy she will call up or meet up with when she specifically wants to vent her emotional problems to someone (and she knows the 'alpha' man that she wants won't sit around and listen to all of her problems).

The Free Meal - This is the guy she will call up when she is hungry and wants to feel 'empowered' by getting a man to take her out and wine and dine her.  Once she gets a full stomach, she will thank him for being such a good guy, and she will say she needs to head home (in reality, she is actually on her way to meet up with an 'Alpha' man in her life).

The 'Prospect' - This is the guy that needs to be the most ALERT... this is a guy that might have a really good job, or he is totally in love with her and she could see him being a good dad and husband LATER down the road (after she has her fun sleeping around with all of the 'Alphas').

So this guy she will give 'false hope' to.  She may kiss him, she may tell him that she could see herself marrying him someday but she doesn't want to ruin their friendship so they can't date now.

She will really work to keep this guy around because she will use him as a 'last resort' to actually marry down the road if she doesn't end up finding an 'Alpha' that will commit to her.


Careful my brothers... don't be a BETAMON... 





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