This is What 'Love' in 2020 Looked Like...


Would you agree with me that the year 2020 was arguably one of the wildest years of most peoples lifetime? 

In the 32 years of my life this was by far the craziest year in society.

There were 'peaceful protests' all over the place.

There were quarantines and businesses shutdown all across the nation.

There were Face Diaper requirements everywhere you go.


Just absolutely wild.


But... when you can look past the chaos there was just a beautiful silver lining to this whole thing...

And that is how LOVE SHOWED UP IN THE YEAR 2020.

I think it is important to reflect on the beautiful things in life... like these 2 couples I highlighted in the video.

As you are watching the video - think in your head which of the 2 couples that I show in the video were a more 'inspiring' love story?

Couple 1 :The Face Diapers


Couple 2 : The Bubble Couple?



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