Watch How Women Treat 'Nice Guys'


Everyone has heard the classic line 'Nice guys finish last'... This video we are breaking down how women treat 'nice guys' and what that means for your future (it's a BAD place to be).

What is the problem with being 'nice'?

Well - first let me start by saying there is a problem with being the typical 'nice guy' around women.

I am not discouraging you from being nice to people - and I am going to assume you can see the difference.

So whenever we talk about the 'nice guy' when dealing with women, it used to always boggle my mind about WHY being 'nice' isn't attractive to women.

A woman is interested in a man that is decisive, knows what he wants, and goes after the thing that he wants.

Many times men that play the 'nice guy' character have a hard time also displaying those other traits.

Think about it

A guy has been hanging out with a girl he likes.  He wants her to come over at night to watch a movie and you know, maybe do a little Netflix and Chill action.

What he ACTUALLY wants is exactly what I stated.

But in many scenarios that guy will ignore what he actually wants to appease the woman.

She may say "I'm not comfortable with that, buy I am hungry and could use some dinner"

And then the 'nice guy' gets excited to hangout with her so he picks her up and takes her to dinner.

Is he being decisive about what he wants and going after it?

I just completely made that scenario up to show what I mean by why so many 'nice guys' end up finishing last - because they allow themselves to be directed by the women they interact with.

In the video above you'll get to see multiple examples of 'nice guys' and you'll understand exactly what I mean in the video when I point out how unengaged the women are on the opposite end.

Now - these are all skills that can be learned and improved on in order to be able to be decisive about what you want around women 

(without coming off as a total creepy weirdo)

In order to get women to not only respect you and your time, but to start thinking about you in a sexual way because that is the type of energy and charisma you give off.

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