Thots with INSANE Standards (MGTOW)


Back on Female Dating Strategies reddit to go over the post "comparison is your friend" which is probably the single WORST dating mindset for a woman to have because of her hypergamy...

And as a side note - this is exactly why we say that maybe not ALL women are like this, but the danger is because ALL women can become like this since this is the terrible advice that many women are absorbing today.

This reddit post starts out with a woman claiming that 'comparison is good'.

She starts to bring up examples of if your man is not doing something that someone in your life IS doing, you should break up with him because he should give you his BEST in all areas.

For example - 

"If your girlfriends shoulders are the ones you cry on instead of your significant other... break up with him"


"If your guy friends are willing to do more for you than your significant other... break up with him"


And it just goes ON and ON and ON.


Which the funny thing is that her internal Hypergamy basically works in that same way anyway.

If a woman is out going on lots of dates or sleeping with a lot of men, a woman's internal Hypergamy (her internal survival mechanism to make sure she selects the highest status man that she can attain to protect and provide her her).

Then naturally she will start to set this 'bar' or 'standard' internally that other men need to live up to.

Exactly the same type of mindset that she is verbalizing out loud for us to read.


The moral of the story?


You can NEVER make a woman like this happy, so stay far far away.

Women with this entitled mindset will put you to work every single day of your life if you were committed to her.



Some of these women are absolutely crazy



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