Women Love Alphas : Beast 'Chad'


This is Video 5 of the Thots Love Alphas series where we are going to break down the Beast.

This is the Alpha from her past that could go by Genius Chad, Gym Bro Chad, and Pheromone Chad.

(To understand a real quick summary on what I mean by a woman and her Alpha 'X-Men' watch the first 30 seconds of the above video.)


Genius Chad - Beast has a genius level intellect... and like Beast, most Thots have experienced one of these 'Genius Chads'.  This is the smartest man in the room.  

Gym Bro Chad - Beast has super human strength, speed, and endurance.  Gym Bro Chad also shares these traits... including ENDURANCE ;).  That means Gym Bro Chad could last allllll night long and sweat all over her with his Gym Bro 6 Pack.  


Pheromone Chad - Beast was able to trigger pheromone's to attract women.  Just like Beast... Pheromone Chad ALWAYS smelled good.  Maybe he worked at a high-end men's cltohing store and always had the newest and best cologne... regardless... that night when you are sitting around with your rotten onion old BO smell seaping out of your sweaty armpits... she will look back on her days with Pheromone Chad.


Yes of course I am exaggerating with these - but the idea is that the MORE men a woman has slept with... because of her internal hypergamy... the more insane 'Alpha X-Men' you will have to compete with from her past.


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