Thots Compare you to her 'X-Men'


This is Video 1 of the Thots Love Alphas series... where we are going to break down who these 'X-Men' are, and why so many modern women are running into the 'Alpha Widow' problem... because they have been experiencing so many of these Mutant X-Men Chads.

Here is the main idea -

If a woman is a 'thot' or she 'gets around' and experiences a lot of different men 
(which MANY modern women are doing this)

It creates this sad sad cycle for all of these thots and their longterm happiness in a relationship down the road.

Because of a woman's innate hypergamy, she will always want the 'highest status' man that she thinks she can attain, to protect and provide for herself and her children.

This is not good or bad - it is just innate in women.

However - it can become a very bad thing when society and culture promote or accept this type of 'fast' lifestyle for the majority of women.


The X-Men Comparison

The short and simple idea is that as women sleep around more and more often, her innate hypergamy TRICKS HER into believing that all of these men she sleeps with are actually men she can 'attain' aka get that man to commit to her longterm.

So because her hypergamy THINKS she can attain all of these men she is sleeping with, it creates this standard where this woman ends up comparing any current or future prospect with ALL of her rolodex of rolodicks from her past.

And because many of these men she slept with have a lot of 'game' or 'alpha' characteristics, she ends up comparing MOST average men to these 'X-Men' from her past that all have unique and rare gifts that the average man just does not possess.

Creating this 'standard' that is not only exhausting for a man to try to live up-to, but it is impossible.

So... either the men that these thots actual want to have a relationship with decide it is just too much work to live up to her crazy standards and they decide not to play...


She feels like most any normal man she meets is 'beneath her standards' so she thinks that she is doing the guy a favor or 'settling' and therefor doesn't treat the man with the respect he needs to enjoy the relationship.


More to this concept coming in the future days, but if you want to really understand the TRUTH about female nature, dating, and relationships, the best place is to join UnPlugged : Her Games Exposed


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