THIS is why she has such a Big EGO


Social media and online dating apps have completely INFLATED the ego of many modern thots. Because of hypergamy, this is a big deal. This video will breakdown how this whole cycle affects both men and women.

So here is the idea...

Hypergamy is the biological programming running through a woman that will help give her and her children the best chance of survival.

Hypergamy Simplified means that a woman wants the highest-status man she can attain to protect and provide for herself and her children (past or future).

This is totally fine.

It makes sense.

Women had the vulnerability of being pregnant for 9 months and needing to rely on a mate for better survival - so it makes sense that hypergamy would make sure she chooses the right man.

HOWEVER - the problem is when technology, social media, and online dating apps completely THROW this hypergamy into chaos mode.

Because of how easy it is for women to get DATES and SEX by using this new technology, it actually tricks a woman into believing she can get all of these men to COMMIT to her...

Which tricks her Hypergamy into believing all of these men she can sleep with are men that she can 'attain'.

This makes her standards for men WAY HIGHER than the reality for a woman like her.

Which means that even if a woman meets a man who on paper is definitely going to be a blessing to her life... she often times will have to almost 'battle' her inner hypergamy because of her crazy and inflated standards.  

This leaves a lot of women that have been 'dating around' to come to the conclusion that there are 'no good men' out there.

Because... her own dating around and sleeping around have corrupted her own internal hypergamy to where she now will live her life constantly searching for this 'unobtainable' perfect man she believes she deserves.

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