The Wall DESTROYS 'Fake' Women


In this video we are breaking down factor number 4 on what makes women hit The Wall faster.

This one is all about how organic vs 'fake' she is. 

The first factor of this one is how often and how much volume of makeup does she wear?

The obvious pitfall of this one is that with all of the makeup out there today, of course you could be admiring a woman's makeup and it could look very little like SHE actually looks.

But the factor on top of this, is women that wear a ton of makeup, eventually that is going to wear on the skin.   So the more 'fake' she is, of course that'll play a factor in how she ages.


The next factor is how often does she dye her hair?

Think about this rule when eating food... the more natural it is, the better it will be for you (most of the time).

As opposed to a bunch of processed and 'fake' foods.

The same goes for her hair, the more she messes with natural and messes with her hair by putting chemicals in it, the worse that'll age her in the future.


The last factor about being fake vs organic is how often she spray tans


The women that spend all day in the 'fake' tanning beds will end up aging like a wrinkled potato.

This is another one of those factors to be aware of when interacting with women, all of these 'unnatural' things will speed mother nature up and make her age faster.



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