Texting Mistakes Men Make : The Drunk Text


This video we will be breaking down 3 reasons why sending drunk texts is almost always a BAD IDEA and it can really switch up the 'power dynamics' that were once in your favor after letting a few bad drunk texts slip.

Do you drunk text women?

Have you ever woke up one morning and looked back through the texts of a girl you like and felt your heart race when you read the dumb things you sent the night before? 


I've done this countless times throughout the years

And I learned the hard way that it always puts you in a bad spot.

OR let me re-phrase that... whatever 'spot' it puts you in, you could have done a heck of a lot better had you restrained yourself from drunk texting.


When you drunk text you will start giving off the 'Drunk Texting Dennis' vibes to women. 

When your mind is not in sober control of your fingers while texting,

So. So. So many things can go wrong. 

That's because when you're drunk, you lose your filter. 

And that can CRIPPLE any progress you've made with a woman by one night of needy drunk texting.


Here are some tips you can use to make sure you don't text while  drunk:

1. Treat your phone like your car.

(If you wouldn't pass a breathalyzer then you shouldn't be texting)


2. Turn your phone off, give it to a friend, or put it somewhere you wont use it.

(Don't worry about missing a text from her, this is actually a GREAT thing. It shows you're busy and have a life of your own.)


3. If you must have your phone and you must text her...

Just kidding.  


(Enjoy drinking and text her in the morning. This is one of the many lessons you'll learn in just LEVEL 2 alone of my Texting School : Advanced 12-Level Texting Program for Men)


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