The Price of Punani is CRASHING


All redpilled men knew this day would come... some didn't know how long it would take to get here... But it has ARRIVED.

The price of that used up Punani is on the DECLINE and it will only continue to do so in the coming years.


Here's what I mean

For years now there has been a push in the mainstream about 'sexual liberation' and 'sexual empowerment' for women.

This created a society and culture where casual sex is not only acceptable, it is encouraged.

So on ONE HAND - this is was a big 'win' for women.  Since women can find dates and sex very easily, a woman in todays world now can have a bunch of fun sleeping around with whoever she pleases.

(No problem here from me... live and let live)

HOWEVER - what this has done has FLOODED the market with sex and casual relationships.

Now the 'highest status' men no longer need to settle down and commit to one woman... they can get all of the sex they want with these 'liberated' women - and he doesn't need to commit.

So... now we run into todays world where women have chosen casual sex over commitment 

(Again - i'm not a woman so i'm not judging - you do you)

And an environment where selling your time (Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies) and selling your body (OnlyFans) is all too common.

This means that for awhile it was the best of ALL worlds for women, however, men are starting to become aware and are simply opting out of the traditional game.

This means that in the long run, women will have priced themselves out of the market because men are no longer looking to commit to these modern HOES out here -

And just like we are seeing in the video above -

There is becoming less and less of a demand overall for that PUNANI because women have given it away so freely that the price has dropped to an ALL TIME LOW.

Enjoy the ride.

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