The Manipulated Man (Uncomfortable Truths)


This is video 1 of breaking down some concepts from the book The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar (you can get it from Amazon there).

This is a big eye opener especially for men... talk about getting a Red Pill... and it is a woman revealing all the secrets and deceptions that they play.

 In this particular video we breakdown a chapter form the book that has the author (remember, a woman) revealing that MEN ARE HEAVILY MANIPULATED ON A MASS SCALE BY WOMEN.

I highly suggest you watch the video and read the book for all of the details - 

BUT - to give you a really short summed up version, Esther Vilar believes that in life men basically always have  TWO options on how to deal with something.

You either DO IT YOURSELF or you can hire someone to do it for you.

But Esther claims that women basically always have THREE options on how to deal with something.

She can do it herself, she can hire someone to do it for her, OR she can get a man to do it for her.


That is a really simple observation we can make - yes we see that often in society that let's just say a woman gets a flat tire.

Often times she can stand by her car as a damsel in distress and a man will stop to help her.

Is that the same case for men?  NOPE - we men expect other men to figure it out themselves (and so does everyone else in society).


So what is the big takeaway then?  


Since women always have that 3rd option to delegate things to other people - OVER TIME - over the course of a woman's lifetime - she has missed out on a lot of practical skills because of this ability to be able to freely delegate things she doesn't want to do.

On the flip side - men go through life acquiring a lot of useful and practical skills because WE HAD TO.

So Esther Vilar makes the claim that most women are sitting around just manipulating men to get what they want and men are too 'stupid' to see it.

Or more accurately - men are too LOVE BLIND to see this game.


Anyways - it is a very interesting read - remember you can get the book here The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar

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