The 'Logic' of Females (LOL)


In this video we get to see the stereotype of logic vs emotions play out pretty accurately.

We are breaking down a debate between 3 men and 3 women about a variety of topics mainly regarding gender.

As you watch this video think of these 2 questions

Question 1)  Which of the 3 men (Derrick, Kursat, or Zach) did you agree with most?

Question 2) Which of the 3 women (Alyesha, Bea, or Mimi) were the most reasonable in your opinion?


 Watching men and women argue over 'heated' topics like these ones they are debating will show you a fundamental truth about the difference in how men and women think about things...

Even if the men bring up data and facts to drive their point home, the women will not listen or care about the data and facts if it differs with how she FEELS about it.

If you can sit back like a scientist and notice these differences from the video above, it'll help you not get sucked in and waste your own energy trying to 'debate' a feminist about topics like these in person.


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