The #1 Problem With Relationships These Days...


This video is going to dive into one of the most under-talked about reasons that relationships end up failing.

That is the fact that women date or marry a man EXPECTING him to change. Men date or marry a woman EXPECTING her not to change. They both end up unhappy.

This is video 5 of the series and is breaking down some concepts from the book The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar


Think about how interesting this concept is

Women spend so much time 're-creating' themselves through different hairstyles, outfits, makeup, etc.

So to women, it makes sense that they also expect men to do the same thing.  They would expect men in a sense to 're-create' themselves willy nilly like they do.

And thus we reach the BIG OL PROBLEM that men and women today are running into...

Women date or marry a man and EXPECT him to change.  Since women are constantly changing, she expects that a man will do the same.  This means she may ignore certain behaviors or habits that a man does, and in the back of her mind she thinks he will change eventually.  Or that she can get him to change eventually.

Men date or marry a woman and EXPECT her NOT to change.  Men will date or marry a woman and think that what he is dating or what he is marrying is what he is getting longterm.  But... women are constantly recreating themselves so many times a man will marry a woman and hope that he and her can grow old together just like they are.  


They BOTH end up disappointed in the end


 And this leads me back to a warning for all men out there... if you marry a woman you take on extreme LEGAL risks if you guys break up.  Of course do whatever you want, but I would NOT recommend getting legally married in this day and age until laws are changed.

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