Text Women Like James Bond Would (60 second tip)

 Video Recap:  Be cool, calm, and collected when texting.  Avoid using tons of exclamation points and LOL and all of that... tone it down 


Have you heard of masculine vs feminine energies before?

Or polarity?

Basically... a feminine woman is going to look for a masculine man. So if you want to attract a feminine woman, you need to show you are a masculine man.

One of those ways is by being cool, calm, and collected in your texts.

 If you freak out and get way too overly excited or ‘needy’ when you are texting, she will get the feminine vibe from you. 

So what happens if a feminine woman meets a man who acts feminine around her?

She sees him as another one of the ‘girls’.

Aka she treats you like a FRIEND.


Polarity = important. If you want a real woman you’ll have to give off the signs that you are a real man.

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