Stop Putting Women on a Pedestal


In this video I am going to be covering what it means to put a women on a pedestal and how to STOP doing it as a man.

They key here is that we are going to give all the feminists and empowered women EXACTLY what they want...

By treating women as an equal.

So to start, what do I mean when I talk about a man putting a woman on a pedestal?

To keep it really simple, a man is giving a woman special attention... simply because she is a woman.  


Think about it... most men you know that seem like logical people can do some completely ILLOGICAL things when it comes to women.

So by reframing specific scenarios or interactions in your mind with this 'filter' I am going to give ya, it can help YOU make clear headed decisions around women.


The Filter : Treat Her Like an Equal

At the most basic level - we know men like sex.  Well guess what, sex is an act between two people.  That means that sex is something you give to a woman just as much as she gives it to you.

And since the feminists and empowered women of today want to be treated exactly as equals, that is exactly what we are going to do.


In any scenario you run into with a woman, just think to yourself 

"If this were a man, would I still be doing this?"


In the next few blogs i'll be going into specific scenarios and examples for you to train this 'equality' muscle, but for now just think about this phrase...

"If this were a man, would I still be doing this?"

We will build upon this mindset tomorrow.


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince







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