Stop MANspreading! (Women Teach Men How to Sit Properly)


Gotta love the newest life-changing invention one of these empowered ladies just came up with...

Introducing the chair that keeps men from MANspreading!

Enjoy the craziness of this one.

Just so we are on the same page here to understand these insane feminists and their so-called 'logic' -

They designed two different chairs.

Not only are they forcing men to close their legs (forget anything about biology and having balls and a penis, they just think our legs should be shut).

Okay okay...

I could understand some of the crazies of this world buying into it and thinking that is 'fair' or 'equal'.

I still think it's insane but I could see how some drank that feminist pink koolaid.


BUT they even went further


Not only are they ignoring our biology and getting men to close their legs but they also designed a chair to ENCOURAGE women to open up their legs and 'take more space'.



These people are absolutely nuts.

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