Do Not Listen When Women Tell You to Do THIS


In this video I am going to be taking you through an online dating conversation I had where we will explore the question... Are women attracted to men who 'communicate' more?

See my real text conversation as I break this down in the video above.

The most important thing to remember when anyone tells you how important 'communication' is with women - is that whatever they tell you is probably BACKWARDS.

Most men think of 'communication' as explaining your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with a woman.

Think about it - women are asking men to reveal their entire PLAYING HAND by 'communicating' so that they know exactly where you stand.

When a woman knows exactly where you stand, she has all the information and you are left in the dark.

So focus in this online dating example breakdown on the TYPE of communication you want to have with women (which is learning how to communicate your value as a man by making her read in between the lines).

A quick example is the amount of time it takes you to respond to her texts, that COMMUNICATES you are a busy man and your time is valuable.  

That is the type of communication you want to learn how to do with women

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