She will TRY to control you (if you let her)


Bet you aren't used to hearing the TRUTH about women, dating, and relationships very often are ya?

We are covering another one of these 'redpill' truths about women...

Once you submit to her 'power', she will use her 'power' to control you

There are many examples we could use to break this down but let's use the most common one in relationships... SEX

If you as a man go GooGoo GaGa for 'sexy time' with her - and she sees that you want sex from her more than she wants sex from you... 

She now realizes her 'power' 

And once you submit to that 'power' by making it clear that you will follow her rules or obey what she tells you just so you can keep getting that sex...

Now you are screwed.

Now she will STRATEGICALLY drip-feed sex to you to reward you or keep you in line.


Does this sound crazy?  Do you think i'm making this up?


This is a truth that most men who have been married have experienced.

This is also a truth that any man who has a lot of experience with women knows.

Which is why you should always have a mission or purpose in your life that is your main focus.

If she tries to play games with you and withhold sex or whatever other 'power' she has found she has over you,

Just simply disengage, ignore her for a bit, and put all your time and energy back on your purpose and mission in life and she will come crawling on back to you.

But this time she will come crawling back with more respect for you because of how you handled yourself.

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