She will Gladly Become Your 'Slave Master'


This video is going to talk about how as a man you have to create your own rules and standards to live by, or else she will gladly come in and give you rules and standards to live by (and if you follow her rules and standards, she will lose respect for you each time you do).

As human beings we are born into this world looking up to others for guidance, advice, and validation.

As a grown man though, you need to develop the skill of 'self-validation' and 'self-reliance'.

If you don't develop that skill, then naturally you will revert back to that childhood state of still looking for someone else to look up to or 'take orders' from.

Since most women have been showered with praise and admiration since they hit puberty, a woman will be able to gladly jump right in and fill that 'void' as the person you look up to.

She knows how to be admired and how to be desired, she has practiced that throughout her whole dating life.

So again - as a man - if you don't learn how to give yourself that self-validation you will turn to WOMEN to become your source of validation.

And IF you go that route, no woman will ever be able to respect you longterm.

And if a woman does not respect you, she can NOT love you romantically.




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