She Will DESTROY an Emotional Man


The man in this video is absolutely screwed.  This is the sad truth if men do not unplug and learn this information EARLY. If a woman knows she has you emotionally and that she is your 'world'... then she will use that data accordingly.

Once she has that information then you are 100% at her mercy because she will be able to manipulate you in every which way.

This is why it is crucial for us men to develop EMOTIONAL ENDURANCE

A lot of men that grow up with a single mother - or with a 'Betamon' father in the household may have trouble keeping control of their emotions.

Think about if you were raised by a single mother... we know that women are more emotional than men.  So to have that as your role model everyday at home - and since most daycare or early elementary school teachers are also women - it makes sense why a lot of men grow up being overly emotional.

Again - IF you as a man are overly emotional then women you get involved with will KNOW how to use that to their favor

HOWEVER - once you unplug and understand these 'games' and are no longer fooled by 'beauty' - women have no control over you.

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