She Uses the Simps and Reward the Alphas


This video is going to breakdown how women will use the guys she considers 'simps' or 'betamon' for whatever they are going to offer her, while rewarding the 'alpha' guys like Chad and Tyrone who do very little or no work for her attention.

This is another microcosm of the 'Alpha Seeds Beta Needs' rule with women.

In any area (let's take going to a bar or a club) women will 'use' the men that she considers to be 'simps' for whatever they will provide.

And then she will actually REWARD the men she considers 'Alpha' with all the nice prizes and whatever they want from her.

This video is here to awaken you to this 'game' and to help make sure you don't get played if she starts to treat you as the 'simp' in her life.



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