She Tests Her Market Value Before She Leaves You


This video is going to breakdown how women will use things like 'clubs' or online dating apps to figure out her market value.  Single women always like to know where they stand amongst the competition... and if your girlfriend or wife starts to 'wonder'... that means she is preparing to monkey branch if the new 'deal' sounds better than her current one.

Introducing Monkey Branching

Monkey Branching is the idea that women when they are in relationships are like monkeys swinging branch to branch.  She won't outright leave one man (she won't let go of one branch) until she is sure she can 'swing up' to a higher branch (or upgrade to a man with more money or more status).

This information is not to scare you, but just to prepare you for todays dating and relationship culture.

The more attention a woman is used to getting while single - the harder it will be for her to commit to one man in a relationship.

That means that if the girl you like or are interested in is known to LOVE getting attention, you better watch out.

This is part of the 'redpill' that isn't fun to hear but it is necessary.



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